Sales in AccountEdge Pro

Create quotes, orders, and invoices for service, time billing, or item sales. Accept payments on open orders. Sync with Shopify and AccountEdge Connect.

Create sales for items, services, and time billing

Create new sales for your inventory items, services offered, time worked, or general miscellaneous sales. If you have repeating sales, you can set up recurring transactions based on your schedule.

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Manage accounts receivable

Receive payments against an individual invoice, or apply a payment to a statement which consists of multiple invoices for a specific customer.

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Sell your items online

Set items up for proper inventory management and accounting in AccountEdge. Use the Shopify Connector to sync those items with your Shopify store.

Create Estimates, orders and invoices

You don't have to keep reentering data: create an estimate and then easily convert it to an order or an invoice with the 'convert to' option.

AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect lets you, your employees or your contractors add data to AccountEdge wherever they are, without giving them access to your books. Learn more.

Track retainer, escrow, and trust accounts

AccountEdge keeps track of retainer, escrow, and trust accounts. As you process transactions for your client/customer, the remaining balance of the account is updated automatically.

Process credit cards

Accept credit card payments in AccountEdge with an AccountEdge Merchant Account.

Send invoices and statements

Email or print individual invoices –  or a full statement of multiple invoices – to a customer directly from AccountEdge.

Returns and Credit Memos

It’s one step to create a credit memo from a sales invoice using the new Create Credit Memo button. As a new sales transaction type, you can also choose credit memo from the type drop-down or sync them from Shopify to settle them in AccountEdge.

Connect, and web orders

If you make online sales with AccountEdge Connect or an ecommerce app like Shopify, sync those sales with AccountEdge so you don't have to reenter the data.

Attach documents

Stay organized by attaching pertinent documents to an invoice or purchase.