Purchases in AccountEdge Pro

Track open and closed purchase orders, receive items, and pay vendors electronically or by check.

Create Purchase Orders

Create and keep track of your open and closed purchase orders. When your delivery comes in, receive items to your inventory from a purchase order with no re-entry of data. Once you've created a purchase order, it's easy to email it to your vendor, or to print and mail it.

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Convert bills to orders

When you create a bill or purchase order, you don't have to reenter all the same data to make an order or invoice, just use the 'convert to' option and move on with your day. Great for drop shipping items from a vendor to a customer.

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Manage payables and pay bills

When you are ready to pay a vendor, you can use the pay bills feature to easily see how many open orders you have from a specific vendor. Then create a payment transaction and either pay electronically, print a check, or simply record if you like to hand-write your checks and just want to keep everything balanced.

Prepare electronic payments

Pay your vendors electronically with Vendor Payments.

Print 1099 and 1096 forms

Keep track of money paid to non-payroll employees or contractors, and then print their 1099s and 1096s when it's time.

Send payment notifications

Email or print and mail notifications to vendors letting them know their payment is on its way.