What's new in AccountEdge Pro?

Easier to Upgrade

'How to Upgrade' link on the Welcome window

We've added a link on the Welcome Window to open the latest Knowledge Base article on upgrading.

Upgrade & Open option to easily upgrade your last opened company file

From the Welcome window, let AccountEdge Open & Upgrade your most recent company file.

Automatically upgrade custom forms and reports

When opening a custom report or form from a previous version, AccountEdge will automatically upgrade it.

Easier Upgrading Process

  • Use Auto Upgrade to upgrade your file keeping the same location and name
  • Use Manual Upgrade to select the location and name for your upgraded file
  • Default the save as file name to append v27.0 and remove v26.0
  • When running the upgrader from the Company File Maintenance window, Open or reveal option at the end of the upgrade process

Easier to Use

New Preferences (Preferences>Windows)

When Using Look For Option in Select from Lists, Automatically Select List Entry while Typing.

Tab Moves Keyboard Focus Between Text Boxes and Lists Only (so you won’t tab through the controls).

  • A new Preference has been added to allow Mac users to bypass tabbing to controls. This Preference has been added so that focus only goes between the edit field and the scroll area.

AccountEdge Network Edition

  • Reduce the number of server calls to improve performance
  • Added Recent windows list to the sidebar in Network Edition
  • Local Verification so other users can log back in and continue working

Select from List changes

Added enhanced search to the following Select from Lists.

  • Activity Select from List
  • Item Number/Activity
    • A new column has been added to show Item or Activity
    • Two new buttons have been added for New Item and New Activity

All Select from Lists have been made resizeable and we will save the window size.

Import/Export Changes

  • Streamlined Export file names making them simpler
  • Streamlined the Import and Export menu options
  • Auto-Build Changes
    • You can now Import/Export Auto Build Items
    • You can now Import/Export Build Item Transactions

Save the size of the main window (AccountEdge for Mac)

We'll now save the size of the main window behind the command center.

Add reconciled column in the Bank Register

The bank register has a new column, which is sortable, where transactions that have been reconciled will be defined with a checkmark.

Command W to Close the window

Mac users rejoice!

Improved performance of scrolling in list windows

Easier to Manage

Enhanced Log File Detail

To aid tech support in gathering program and datafile stats additional detail has been added to the AccountEdge log file

Promised Date on Forms

We've added the Promised Date field to our forms tool when customizing Sales and Purchases forms

New Sales Preference "Warn if a Tax State is not selected"

A new system-wide sales preference was added to warn you if do not select a Tax State enabling you to keep better records for sales tax reporting.

Multiple Direct Deposit Accounts per Employee

The ability to divide a paycheck into multiple bank accounts has been added for direct deposit. Up to three direct deposit accounts can be added to an employee's Payment Details.

Changes in Balance Sheet reports

The following reports have been modified to reflect the Balance Sheet as of a point in time. They include:

  • Standard Balance Sheet
  • Multi-Period Spreadsheet
  • Multi-Year Spreadsheet
  • Multi-Period Budget Spreadsheet

Added Middle Initial for Employees and other Card Types

An individual's middle initial can now be entered in the Card Information window and is visible in the Card List window, Process Payroll, the Paycheck window, Print Paystubs, and can be used when creating tax forms.

Improved browsing and connection to FileConnect using the FileConnectBrowser

A new utility program for AccountEdge Network Edition called FileConnect Browser was added that looks for FileConnects running on the network making it easier to locate local servers.

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